High-Probability Setups

Identifying High-Probability Setups

High-Probability setups in Sniper Entry Pro often involve a displacement upwards creating a higher high. This is followed by identifying an entry zone for a long position, ensuring that the conditions for market structure, displacement, and overall trend are favorable.

Using Algo V11 SR Levels with SEP Entry Zones

Algo V11 Support / Resistance (SR) levels, when used in confluence with the Entry Zone, can significantly enhance the reliability of the entry points. An overlap between the SR levels and the Entry Zone acts as a strong signal for potential trades. Keep in mind the higher the timeframe, the stronger the levels.


The Importance of Confluence

Confluence means combining multiple technical indicators and analyses to improve the reliability of potential trades. Sniper Entry Pro leverages confluence by integrating trend analysis, displacement, and Fibonacci levels, offering a more robust and confident trading setup.

Example of a High-Probability Setup:

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