Join EzTrades in Discord

Discord is a communication platform designed for creating communities through text, voice, and video chats. It allows users to join or create servers, which are dedicated spaces for various topics or interests. Within servers, members can interact in real-time using channels for text or voice conversations.

Below are the basics on how to create a Discord account and how to get access to our server:

Create a Discord Account / Username:

To create a Discord account, head to the Discord website and download the Discord app (or click "Open Discord in your browser") and enter whatever username suits you best. This will be what everyone sees and knows you as in Discord.

Join Our Discord

Upon joining our server initially, you'll only have access to our public channels. You can engage in conversations in the public trading area, seek assistance in the #support channel, view announcements, explore examples of our tools, gather useful information about EzAlgo, and learn the sign-up process.

If you haven't already done so, you can join our server by clicking here (screenshot below for reference):


The EzAlgo PRO and TradingHub Discord roles are granted to users who signed up to either membership on our website. In order to receive the roles, users need to connect their Discord account by clicking on the "New Account" button next to Social Accounts and then hit the Discord button when the new window pops up:

The roles unlock access to all hidden chats, where our lively member community shares trades, assists one another with market analysis, and engages in friendly conversations across various markets.

For more information, follow the page link below!


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