How to Setup EzAlgo

Once you've created your TradingView account, you'll need to set up EzAlgo. To do so, search the asset you would like to trade in the top bar, for example ETH/USDT. Next, click the chart icon or press 'Chart' on the menu:

Next, hover over to 'Indicators, Metrics and Strategies', where you'll find the script to EzAlgo:

After you've clicked on 'Indicators, Metrics and Strategies', scroll down to the option called "Invite-only scripts". Once opened, you should see EzAlgo and EzOscillator (EzSR has since been combined with EzAlgo) - click on each of them to add them to your chart:

Once you've added EzAlgo and EzOscillator, your chart will change to the one below, giving you a clear visual of the trend:

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