EzOscillator V6.1


The ribbon-like waves showing the bullish/bearish momentum flow. Look for momentum wave flips near the overbought/oversold zones for possible trend shift.

Buy / Sell Dots in Overbought and Oversold Zones

Buy signals in oversold zones and Sell signals in overbought zones are indicative of potential trend reversals, presenting chances to initiate long or short positions. To enhance accuracy, traders are advised to corroborate these signals with additional technical analysis tools, ensuring a more comprehensive trading strategy before committing to a position.

Real-time Divergences

Real-time, non-repainting divergences highlight discrepancies between price action and technical indicators, offering reliable signals of potential trend reversals or continuations. These stable, unchanging divergences ensure traders make decisions based on consistent, reliable data, making them a valuable tool for informed trading strategies.

Volume Histogram

A volume histogram graphically represents trading volume over a given period, with the height of each bar denoting the volume traded. It's used by traders to gauge market interest and activity: high-volume periods often signal strong sentiment, whereas low volumes may reflect weak conviction or participation, aiding in the interpretation of market trends and potential price movements.

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